…Objectives of ecommerce portal


images (1)After the ecommerce website is online, your shop needs customers, while most real stores are more or less visible for real people, a web shop is just one of million others. Google will send you traffic if your ecommerce website is valuable enough for Google Search or if you pay for visitors using Google Awards. You don’t have enough sales if your traffic is low!

Okay, enough from what we already know, here are the tips:

Content is King!-There are so many web shops on the Internet showing products which doesn’t have more information than a name and a price (and maybe a photo). Would you buy a product in a nearby store if you can’t see it or touch it?

Optimization tip -Write for all your products unique descriptions, tell your customer the unique selling points. Wrong is to write a whole book and also to use only a few words. There is the same rule for the product photos, do you offer more than one for each product?Don’t forget people have to buy a product without the possibility to touch it, show them instead as many photos as possible. If you sell products which people use actively, show them action photos as well. Use different sizes of pictures, offer also detail photos and and maybe a zoom function.

Categories and product search  –Categorize your product assortment! Many ecommerce websites offering product categories but if you select one, you didn’t see all the products because the shop owner forgot to “connect” all the products with the right category. Just imagine that your store has only one big table with all your products on it! Maybe some customer will start crawling through your products, but how can he find what he is looking for? The same is for web shops, you need to offer a structure which people helps to find the product they are looking for:

Some customer needs more information-There are different customer types, you need to offer information and shop features for all of them. Some buying customer only needs a product photo and the “best” price and some other need to know what other people think about a product.


The easy way of navigation and optimization

downloadOne of the best parts of this business is the transformation that takes place when we redesign a client’s website, such as some of the web design examples below.
See our word press web design transformations below, in our before and after web redesign gallery!

An office of automobile company, needed a fresh redesign with a website that was clean, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines, one that allowed its customers to easily view the available bike options options.

The project included creating and/or adding:

  • a Word press mobile responsive design
  • an indexed, categorized photo gallery of bike projects
  • blog
  • contact forms with auto responder and database
  • renews sign up
  • info on services
  • Google analytics
  • SEO set up and search engine submission and more.
  • New, redesigned logo, branding, business cards and stationary.
  • Newly launched social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out our portfolio for more details.

In Our Client’s Words:

“I got in touch with Sravan Technologies with hopes to work with them on updating my office bikes recycling and refurbishing site and help refresh my brand. I viewed their portfolio, and really liked what I saw. My site now has an indexed project gallery, blog, and allows me to upload photos and make text updates very easily. Sravan Technologies also designed my new modern logo and business cards. . This really takes my business to the next level!”


Hurdle of web development.

imagesWe should have the basic principles of web development and web designing where web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing web site for the internet and web design compasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

Parts of a slow web Application –  There are several different factor that can lead to a web application feeling slow for and rendering and finally the execution of the client – Jawa script, Programs and its our Job as engineers to try to reduce them.

There are a number of places you can look to try to reduce the problematic times that is specific areas of your application that might be slow and might well need something or improvements.

It used to be that major consideration for software developers was the speed of the C.P.U. on which programs run.However, for modern web application I/O speed and memory are far more important.

Overall we can say that your data base is quite possible going to be the biggest bottleneck in your system. Try to keep the application away from it as much as possible, using the current best practices for the system you are using, so that it”ll be working at peak performance.

our interactive services

E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions provide a great shopping experience for the end- users. We design e-commerce solutions to increase the conversion rate. Be it a simple e-commerce site with only a few items to sell or a multi-categorised inventory, our talented resources can design solutions that help enhance the business of the clients. Our solutions will also enable the client to manage his business with ease.

Socieal Network Solution

Sravan Technologies understands the significance of social networking in the present social and economic scenario. Business Social Networking enables businesses to reach their end-customers cost effectively. It also creates a platform for businesses to communicate constantly with a large base of customers and potential customers. Specialised Social Networking is going to be tomorrow’s largest and fastest growing media sector. If you want to develop a Specialised Social Networking platform to meet all your personal and business objectives, ISPG can help you with its expertise and experience.

Content Management System

At Sravan Technologies , we use a number of different CMS systems including our own custom designed CMS, Drupal, Joomla, Word Press and others. We always design systems which ensure a collaborative environment to create and publish content. All our CMS systems are SEO-friendly.

Offshore Technologies

Application Development, Application Maintenance, Outsourced Dedicated Development Team, Web Hosting and Web Application Development, Smart Card Based Application Development.

visit: http://www.sravantechnologies.com

Be the owner of your website

Be the owner of your website only in Rs. 8000 or $200 . and enlarge your business. so why waiting just send a inquiry . vist:  www.sravantechnologies.com  a complete web development company. 


Sravan Technologies has an entire spectrum of services on offer. Beginning from a trivial task of domain registration, to achieving clients objectives of creating the desired Website Design with Robust Application development, be it getting relevant traffic through high ranking on search engines or helping the client reach the target audience using our social Media Optimization services, Sravan Technologies provides an end to end progress framework.

We can proudly say that we have the right mix of both these kinds. At E2 Solutions we bring culture to people who are part of us. A culture which encourages productivity and an open environment and where people can speak their mind and come to value the ownership of their contribution. The E2 team works in total productive as well as creative harmony to maximize the results for the clients as well as for the achievement of individual goals.

Custom web application development allows for an incremental model of building and implementing applications, where small business procedures are chosen to automate, before completely automating the business processes, thereby reducing the risk of failure to a greater extent.

Our team of forward thinkers and revolutionizing people aspires to provide you with the best of solutions with perfection par excellence. Our key focus is always to provide you with reliable solutions which are carefully designed and premeditated with stringent quality standards. We follow extremely non-compromising strategies to deliver results which are completely based on the customer’s requirements. Our every endeavor is in the direction of helping our customers streamline their operations in order, to take full advantage of the upcoming technologies and systems.